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What Texas voters think about impeachment, 2020 election

Impeachment came up frequently when talking to Texas voters. Most were fatigued by it all, but those paying close attention defied party stereotypes. For our Three Meals series, Major Garrett traveled across the Lone Star state to speak with voters about the president and the 2020 election.

Byron York on Trump defense team at impeachment trial

Members of the Trump defense team saw their two-hour presentation Saturday as a preview of coming attractions — a way to give senators a sense of the president’s defense while also suggesting there is much more to come when the impeachment trial resumes Monday.

Rep. Meadows: At best, Schiff was mischaracterizing the evidence he had

Mark Meadows (R-NC) says, “The two hours that was presented Saturday morning went a long way to undercut the foundation that Adam Schiff and his team laid out on three previous days. It’s more about what Adam Schiff didn’t tell the American people than than what he did tell them.”

Pro-life Democrat questions Buttigieg about abortion at Fox News town hall

Pro-life Democratic voter Kristin Day grills Pete Buttigieg on the lack of diversity and inclusiveness when it comes to party members like her. Buttigieg weighs on where pro-life and pro-choice Democrats can come to an agreement but did not give a definitive answer on whether she is welcome in the Democratic party anymore.


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