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Ingraham investigation

New details on how Ukrainian official helped DNC try to hurt Trump campaign. Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire.

Republican Senators recieve stark warning about voting against Trump

Democrats are wrapping up their impeachment arguments on Friday, telling Senators they can’t trust President Trump. Nancy Cordes has learned that a Trump confidante reportedly told Republican Senators that “a vote against the president and your head will be on a pike.” She breaks down the implications on Capitol Hill.

Committee discusses proposed occupational tax

Councilman Glen Pruitt is spearheading the effort. He says he would like the additional revenue to be used to increase the salaries of those in public safety. He believes Montgomery should pay its police officers and firefighters more than any other city in the state. He suggests a starting salary of $50,000.

Ingraham: Left’s Russia obsession resurfaces

The democrats tried mightily to use fake anti Russia hysteria to tar Donald Trump in the Muller probe only to flame out spectacularly. But now they are at it again if you can believe it. Speaker Pelosi wondered if McConnell has Kremlin connections. Of course the press happily joins in and they relentlessly fan the flames of this new scare.


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