Bannon on Trump signing USMCA, announcing Middle East peace deal amid Senate impeachment trial

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President Trump is right. It is the crime of the century. And we can't cover it up. And we don't need to go to the House Foreign -- it's not a foreign affairs issue.

Donald Trump doesn’t punt. And, particularly, he doesn’t punt on first down.  I mean, this is just not acceptable. We just had the trial of the century, in which he is going to be acquitted. He’s already been acquitted, but the formality will take place this week. But he’s focused on the crime of the century. The crime of the century is this kind of soft coup that is trying to blunt his presidency and remove him from office.

And what President Trump has said from the beginning, this is not about him. This is about the office of the presidency. Trump — Trump has been adamant this can never happen again to any president, whether it’s a progressive Democrat or another populist nationalist. You cannot have this happen.

And what — I think what Senator Graham — we’re not interested right now in hearing from the chief of staff of John Kerry. President — Lindsey Graham — and I have tremendous respect for him — he guaranteed at the Senate Judiciary Committee, we need to have the whistle-blower. We need to have the number two whistle-blower.

We need to have Adam Schiff as a fact witness. We need Hunter and Joe Biden. I think we need Brennan. We need all of them.

And here’s the other thing we ought to do. President Trump ought to declassify all these reports. He ought to go back to Rosenstein’s — the 40 subpoenas that the House, under Devin Nunes, forwarded to Rosenstein, he ought to get all those. He ought to get all of those subpoenas.

And all those people ought to be called to witness. This has to — we need an apparatus that’s official to go about this to protect the office of the presidency going forward.

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