Biden to tell Iowa voters that Trump “is an existential threat to America”

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Biden is set to tell audiences that he believes Trump is "an existential threat to America," and criticize Trump’s actions during his trip to Britain.

Biden as he opens up direct attack on president with Iowa speech that slams him by name 76 times

  • Joe Biden will let it rip on President Trump in a speech in Iowa today
  • He will slam the president 76 times by name according to the prepared remarks
  • ‘I believe Trump is an existential threat to America,’ Biden will charge
  • His speech will attack Trump’s actions on the climate, race, trade, the auto industry and negotiations with China
  • Both men will be in Iowa for events Tuesday but are unlikely to cross paths
  • Biden will make his claims in a speech in Davenport while Trump is down the road in West Des Moines speaking at a GOP fundraiser

Former Vice President Joe Biden will let it rip on President Donald Trump today in Iowa during a speech where he slams the president by name 76 times, according to the text released by his campaign.

‘I believe Trump is an existential threat to America,’ Biden will charge in an address that criticizes the president’s actions on the climate, race, trade, the auto industry and negotiations with China.

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The speech is filled with fighting words – he’ll accuse Trump of backing off tariff threats to Mexico because he’s ‘scared’ and putting on a ‘stunning display of childishness’ while on his visit to the UK and Normandy.

The two men have exchanged verbal thrusts and volleys since Biden entered the race to be the 2020 Democratic president nominee.

Trump has called Biden ‘low IQ’ while the former vice president has called the president a ‘threat’ to the nation.

But Tuesday will put both men in Iowa – a state crucial in both the Democratic presidential primary and the 2020 general election.

While they are unlikely to cross paths, they are likely to unleash upon one another.

Biden will let loose during a speech in Davenport – on the eastern side of the state – Tuesday evening while Trump is at a fundraiser down the road in West Des Moines.

The tone of Biden’s speech is remarkable shift from his previous remarks on the president. While the former vice president has criticized Trump’s actions in the past, Tuesday’s speech outlines a laundry list of areas Biden claims the president has failed in for America.

The former vice president will argue Trump failed the ‘basic standard’ to serve in the Oval Office, according to the text of his remarks, which was released by his campaign.

‘There’s a lot of ways Trump fails the basic standard to be president – but one of them is this,’ Biden will say, ‘Donald – it’s not about you.’

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