Car dealership giving away gun, Bible, and flag with every sale

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A Southern Alabama Ford dealership is raising some eyebrows with its latest promotion in honor of Independence Day. They are giving away a shotgun, a bible and an American flag with every new and used car purchase.


A car dealership in a rural Alabama town is tapping into some of the locals’ passions for a special Fourth of July promotion.

Chatom Ford, a dealership in Chatom, Alabama, is running a “God, Guns and Freedom” promotion that promises a Bible, a 12-gauge shotgun and an American flag to anyone who buys a car between the start of the promotion and July 31.

The dealership released a Facebook video that features Koby Palmer, a general sales manager, talking about the promotion. It’s been viewed nearly 14,000 times as of Tuesday night.

“I guess it went viral, as the kids say,” Palmer, 29, told USA TODAY.

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He added, “We live in a small town of 1,200 people. It’s a very small, rural area. They lean on their religious beliefs, their pride in America and they love to hunt.”

With a laugh, Palmer was quick to mention that the dealership wasn’t just “handing out shotguns in Alabama.” When you purchase a car, you get the Bible and the flag. You’re also given a certificate that can be taken to a certified firearms dealer in town or to one in Mississippi that has partnered with the dealership.

That certificate, combined with a bill of sale from the purchase of the car, is what gets you the gun. You must be 18 years old and be allowed to legally own a firearm in any state.

Palmer said the dealership has sold five cars since the promotion launched on Friday. Chatom Ford tries to do new promotions every month, he said.

“It’s been running for three business days and we sold five cars. In a small town, business is booming,” Palmer said.

He added the promotion has reached way more people than he ever thought it would. He also wanted to make sure people knew the promotion is just something extra – it’s definitely not mandatory to leave Chatom Ford with a flag, a Bible and a gun after purchasing a car.

“This is just showing support for our local community,” he said. “Anyone that doesn’t 100% agree with what we’re portraying, we’re not trying to force our beliefs on anybody. We respect anybody that disagrees, no matter how vehemently they do.”

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