Phyllis Harvey-Hall (D)

Phyllis Harvey-Hall grew up in Evergreen, Alabama. Neither of her parents (Andrew and Georgia Harvey) finished high school. Nevertheless, her parents and grandparents pushed her to finish high school. She was the first high school graduate in three generations of her family. She went on to Alabama State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

Harvey-Hall began her career as an educator in Montgomery Public Schools as a young woman eager to change the world through education. After faithfully serving 25 years, Harvey-Hall retired from Montgomery Public Schools. Since retiring shecontinued her career in public service, including working with the Family Sunshine Center and the National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP).

After retiring from teaching sixth graders in Montgomery, AL. Currently, she is with as a Testing Coordinator for the National Association of Educational Progress. Harvey-Hall is known for faith in God, her passion for helping people, her positive energy, and her belief in the concept of community. She has dedicated herself to educating youth and helping people who fall on hard times. Harvey- Hall has helped battered families and often uses any available platform to discuss the importance of early education. These experiences have shown her that all people are facing similar challenges, and she welcomes the opportunity to become a more well-rounded advocate for the all living in US Congressional District 2.

Phyllis Harvey-Hall lives in Montgomery with her husband, daughter, and granddaughter.


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