Today’s Studio Guest: David Woods, Mayorial Candidate at 12:00 pm

David Woods owns three TV stations, one being WCOV, an affiliate of Fox Network. Born to a World War II veteran, Woods was the seventh of nine children. He has never held political office, but ran for Congress in 2008.

Woods told reporters that he’s used to working hard as a business owner and he plans to hit the ground running until Oct. 8.

“Montgomery spoke today and said they are ready for a new vision, the status quo and politics of the past are over,” Woods said. “I look forward to a fair fight with an honest runoff election held by unbiased election officials on Oct. 8.”

The mayor is the head of the administrative branch of the city’s government. As mayor, Woods will have the power to appoint the police and fire chiefs, director of sanitation, executive assistant to the mayor, director of parks and recreation, director of maintenance and finance director.

The mayor makes recommendations to the City Council, appoints staff, sets salaries, keeps the City Council informed on finances and gets paid $95,000 per year.

Ala. school board members react to proposal to get rid of board elections

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – State school board members met for the first time Thursday since state lawmakers voted to allow Alabamians to get rid of state school board elections.

The proposal gives voters the chance to determine in March whether to keep electing school board members or whether to allow the governor to appoint them and the senate confirm them instead.

Jackie Ziegler is a state school board member from the Mobile area. She wants voters to keep electing members.

House will hold two cabinet members in contempt over 2020 census citizenship question

“I don’t understand why our legislators think that the citizens did such a great job electing them, but yet we didn’t have enough knowledge to vote our state school boards,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler said during the board meeting that they should share the accomplishments made.

“If I’m not doing my job, they can vote me out,” she said.

Board member Dr. Yvette Richardson said she supports letting the people decide whether they want to keep school board elections.

“I am definitely in favor of putting the entire subject matter to the people for a vote,” Richardson said.

State lawmakers passed the proposal in the first place after looking at the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress scores.

The 2017 scores showed Alabama ranked 50th out of 52nd in 8th grade math. Other scores like 4th grade reading were ranked 40th.

When asked if getting rid of board member elections was the way to raise the test scores, State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey said Alabama’s education scores have been improving over the years.

“We are actually growing at twice the rate of the nation,” he said. “All the states are getting better but we are getting better at twice the rate of the national average.”

Voters will make the final decision in March of 2020.

MBOE work session gets heated over cuts

Some board members say magnet schools have been disproportionately affected.

The school board announced last month 183 positions would be cut based on state funding.

The concern is that magnet programs schools have fewer students, because their programs require more individualized attention. Therefore, the cuts are felt more deeply.

“When you take away a magnet, say a strings, or a dance, or something like that – that’s why we have the magnets. That’s where we shine,” said District 1 Board Member Dr. Lesa Keith. “So to take it away is to rob these children of everything they even got into that school for.”

The superintendent says in other systems local property taxes make up the difference. But that’s not a possibility in Montgomery since property taxes here are so low.

“We are at a point in Montgomery where we only have 10 mills. So that local money, local support is not there to do what you could do in another system that has 58 mills,” said Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore.

Off the top, board president Claire Weil spoke on her own behalf, giving her own opinion regarding the financial situation. She said she is an optimist but says bottom line, they have to reduce the budget by $12 million and that’s what will happen.

Weil also said if this city is as outraged as they seem to be, they can pass an ad valorem tax to properly fund the schools.

Parkland families applaud arrest of officer who took cover during school shooting

Overnight shooting at Point Mallard

Police believe the shooting to be an isolated incident that occurred between acquaintances and there is no risk to public safety. Decatur Police also say potential rumors about social media threats on Snapchat have been thoroughly investigated and are NOT related to this shooting. Police say the suspect has been identified. They are trying to locate the suspect at this time.

Man injured in shooting near Gunter Annex

Alabama equal pay bill heads to governor’s desk

The bill stops an employer from paying an employee less based off their sex or race.

There are some exceptions, including if the employer is paying them based on a merit system and seniority system.

Rep. Adline Clarke, D-Mobile, said she has tried for two years to pass a similar bill. Clarke said, currently, there is an old federal equal pay law, but she says this state law would update it.

“This bill will create an awareness first and foremost for the workers in the state of Alabama that they have a right to file pay discrimination suits when and if they exist,” Clarke said.

Under this bill someone would have two years after the act of discrimination to file a lawsuit.

Any employer who violates this would pay the employee back the money he or she is owed with interest.

Chaos as dozens of shots fired in Montgomery parking lot

According to the Montgomery Police Department, the video is believed to be from a shooting in the 3400 block of McGehee Road around 10 p.m. Monday.

The video appears to have been recorded from inside of vehicle. It shows several vehicles in a parking lot and dozens of shots being fired.

Duckett says no one was injured in the shooting and only one vehicle was damaged.

No arrests have been made.

Republican lawmaker dares Democrats to try to impeach Trump with new bill to investigate the investigators

Investigate the Investigators Act.  This bill will codify the investigation of the investigators that Attorney General Barr is presently undertaking, and will require such and investigation in the future.  Look, we spent over two years, $35 million dollars on lawyers, investigators and paralegals.  For what? We got a big fat goose egg here.


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