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Schiff accuses Trump of “fudging” intelligence on threat from Iran

“When you hear the president out there on Fox, he is fudging the intelligence,” When you hear the [defense] secretary say, ‘Well, that wasn’t what the intelligence said, but that’s my personal belief,’ he is fudging. When Secretary Pompeo was on your show last week and made the claim that the intelligence analysis was that taking Soleimani out would improve our security and leaving him in would make us less safe, that is also fudging. That is not an intelligence conclusion, that’s Pompeo’s personal opinion.”

Rep. Reschenthaler: Laughable to say Iran acted better under Obama

Absolutely, it was laughable. We have to remember that under the Obama administration, the Iranians were funding Hezbollah, they were funding Hamas in the Gaza strip, we had chaos that was leading to the mass that we have in Syria. The Iranians were even backing Houthi rebels in Yemen. So, the chaos they cause during the Obama administration unfortunately it’s carrying over now and President Trump has to deal with it.

Former acting CIA director: There will be “dead civilian Americans” as a result of Qassem Soleima

CBS News senior national security contributor, and former acting and deputy CIA director Michael Morell says, “Qassem Soleimani was an evil genius.  He had a lot of American blood on his hands.  He was the mastermind behind Iranian maliagned behavior in the region.  The world is a better place without him.  The problem is that comes at a very high cost.  Number one there will be dead Americans, dead civilian Americans as a result of this.”

Homan: Be prepared for ‘out of control border’ if Democrat wins in 2020

“This president has gotten the border down 65 percent… on his own, and at the same time, you’ve got the Democratic Party throwing out more enticements,” he continued. “Do they think that’s gonna help the border?” he added. “When you say, ‘I want to abolish ICE, we want to end immigration detention, we want to give you free health care…’ when you throw these enticements out, more people are going to come to this country illegally,” Homan reiterated.


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