Jordan: John Dean is part of a ploy for House Dems to go after Trump

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House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan and former deputy assistant attorney general John Yoo react to John Dean's testimony on Capitol Hill.

Watergate “master manipulator” John Dean said attacks on him by President Donald Trump are a badge of honor.

The former White House counsel to President Richard M. Nixon testified on Monday before the House Judiciary Committee, giving what he called “historical context” to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Christopher Steele reportedly agrees to be questioned by the FBI about the anti-Trump dossier

That same day, Trump said Dean had “been a loser for many years.”

But speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dean ― who eventually turned on Nixon and cooperated with prosecutors ― compared his status with Trump to being on the infamous “enemies list” of Nixon’s opponents and rivals.

“I’m honored to be on his enemies list,” Dean said. “I was able to make Nixon’s at the end, and so I’m pleased that I’m on Trump’s, given my feelings about the threat he is to this country.”

Cooper also asked if Dean ever imagined he would be back before Congress, 46 years after appearing there during the Watergate scandal, delivering the same type of testimony.

Dean said:

“One of the reasons that I did what I did back during Watergate was the thought that this will never happen again. And one of the reasons I’ve had a knot in my stomach, one of the reasons I’m on CNN, is because I’m deeply troubled by the presidency we’re living with.”

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