New twist in shooting of Red Sox legend David Ortiz

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Police say the alleged mastermind in the shooting of David "Big Papi" Ortiz is a fugitive in the U.S. and confirm the Boston Red Sox legend was not the intended target.

Police say the alleged mastermind in the shooting of David “Big Papi” Ortiz is a fugitive in the U.S. and confirm the Boston Red Sox legend was not the intended target. The fugitive suspect is Victor Hugo Gomez who prosecutors warn has a lengthy criminal history and may have ties to a drug cartel.

According to Dominican authorities, the intended target of the shooting was a friend of Ortiz who was with him that night – sitting just feet away from him. They believe the alleged mastermind ordered the attack from inside the United States, and that the shooter mistook Ortiz for the man he was supposed to kill.

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Prosecutors believe Gomez planned it all, and that he meant to kill his own cousin Sixto David Fernandez, who police say was wearing similar clothing to Ortiz the night of the shooting. Dominican officials believe Gomez wanted revenge against Fernandez for ratting him out for a drug offense eight years ago.

On Wednesday, prosecutors warned Gomez is a dangerous fugitive. He is believed to be a member of a major Mexican drug cartel and is wanted by the DEA. Gomez has been on the run in the United States since March for a major drug sting known as “operation wrecking ball.”

New surveillance video shows another missing suspect and alleged middleman Alberto Rodriguez Mota at the bar in the hours leading up to the attack. Authorities say he took a dark picture of the intended target and shared it with the other suspects. Minutes later, video shows him calmly standing during the chaos.

Last week the alleged shooter – Rolfi Ferreira Cruz – told reporters from his jail cell that he did not mean to shoot Ortiz and was only told what color of clothing to look for. CBS News reached out to the DEA for comment on Gomez and his alleged ties to drug cartels but we have not heard back.

Eleven suspects are now in custody. Police are still looking for four others, including the mastermind. David Ortiz is in good condition and recovering in Boston.

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