Dr. Rupp: We need government to emphasize importance of social distancing

I think Easter is an ambitious goal  but a bit premature.  We have to look at data as it rolls out but I think this is going to take a good 4,6 or 8 weeks before we are really able to crimp down on this.  Everything we see today happened a week or two ago.  I thinks it a bit ambitious to think in two weeks we are going to see enough decline in cases for folks to go back to life as normal.

Johns Hopkins Professor: “We Are Going To Have Hundreds Of Thousands Of Deaths” In The United States

“In Italy, they had 793 deaths in the last 24 hours. I saw your interview with Dr. Friedman just now, I don’t think he answered your question about how many cases we are going to have here. We are going to have hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of people with the infection based on the data from Italy extrapolated to our population.”


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