The Team

Dan, Joey and an entire staff of volunteers work to keep you up to date on National and Statewide Politics, Breaking News and more.  We are looking for news no one else is reporting, and are greatly expanding our local efforts.  If you have a story and would like our staff to investigate, become a News Buster.

Dan Morris

Dan Morris was born in Tallassee, Alabama in 1954 on Valentine’s Day. His family moved to Montgomery after his father passed away in 1963. Dan lived in Montgomery until he left in 1978 to work for Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Presidential Campaign. In 1981, he became one of the youngest Staff Assistants as he served President Reagan in the White House. Dan was in charge of some of the most memorial events that President Reagan held while in the White House. He later concluded his time with President Reagan as Director of Event Operations. In 1993, Dan returned home and became the Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Guy Hunt.

In 1995, Dan became a financial advisor for the company now known as Ameriprise Financial Advisors. President Ronald Reagan passed away in 2004, which prompted Dan to call into the talk radio show he currently hosts. He shared with the host about his time working for President Reagan and what he felt the President meant to the nation. The host, Don Markwell, invited him to come on the show and share more stories. From that point on, he became a regular guest.

When the reins of the longest running talk show were to be handed over to a new host, they looked to Dan to pick up the mantle. He went on the air as a Talk Show host in September of 2008. Since the beginning, Dan has been a source for reliable information and a place where listeners voices can be heard. Now Dan Morris has his signature show and provides an unique perspective on how politics and current events effect his audience.

Joey Clark

Joey Clark is a long-time Montgomery native, born and raised in the Capitol City. He first began working for Dan last year as an intern on the Viewpoint Show before going on to finish his time as an undergraduate at Auburn University. After graduating from Auburn with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Joey decided he enjoyed his time so much working as an intern for Dan that he would embark from the plains back to his old stomping grounds to rejoin The Dan Morris Show in a larger capacity as News Coordinator. Joey will be sifting through each day’s hot news topics and joins Dan daily on the show. He loves to write, play music, and study political theory – but more than anything, Joey is an avid political news junkie.


The Dan Morris Show is on -air
Monday – Friday from 12pm – 3pm
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