Tom Homan on ‘disgusting’ op-ed calling for public shaming of border patrol agents

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The New York Times column pushes a false narrative, says Fox News contributor Tom Homan, former acting ICE director.

Declaring “I love this president,” former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, President Trump’s reluctant pick for a new “border czar” position, indicated that he’s open to accepting the first-ever job.

“I will never say never,” said Homan at a morning conference hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Noting that he worked for five presidents, he added, “This president has done more to secure this border than any president.”

Trump administration moving hundreds of migrant children away from border facility described as s…

Trump recently surprised even his closest aides when he said in a Fox interview that he wanted Homan to be his czar. Aides later suggested that the position hasn’t been fully vetted and that Trump was prematurely making the offer.

Homan, now working for a private firm, has been reluctant to accept the nomination before the job is fully defined and offered. “There is no offer on the table,” he said.

That reluctance was evident at the conference. He repeatedly endorsed Trump’s actions to tighten the flow of immigrants on the border but noted that it is hard to work for the administration due to the attacks from the media and Democrats on immigration policy.

He said that those working on immigration issues “take a beating” from critics. “When I was ICE director, I took a lot of hate,” he added. “Working for this administration is tough.”

But he said he stands ready to take heat and attacks because he believes in Trump’s actions and believes that the criminal cartels controlling the Mexican side of the border need to be crushed and those they are trafficking in protected from rape, murder, extortion, and torture.

Asked about the recent turmoil in the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration agencies, including ICE and Customs and Border Protection, he defended Trump.

“He’s hitting the reset button,” said Homan, who also said that he wished good luck for Homeland Secretary Kevin McAleenan who is under fire for allegedly working to block a weekend effort to find and deport some 2,000 illegal immigrants who have failed to leave.

Homan has been a strong supporter of Trump’s policies since he left office, often going on Fox to defend the president and rip Democrats in Congress for failing to fully fund immigration programs, blast the media for telling a one-sided story from the border, and courts for blocking the administration’s executive actions.

During the conference he was also asked about running for office and he gave the same answer. “I will never say never.”

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