Trump’s life as a business man told by a former colleague in ‘The Real Deal’

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Former Trump Organization executive vice president and author George Sorial details his decades of fighting and winning battles with the president.

After a spate of highly critical and embarrassing books about his turbulent White House stay, President Donald Trump has hailed a laudatory new tome about him written by George Sorial and Damian Bates.

The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars With Trump, published on Tuesday by Harper Collins through its Broadside Books imprint, is based partly on Sorial’s time working alongside the president at the Trump Organization as one of its most senior executives.

“New book just out, ‘The Real Deal, My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars With Trump,’ is really wonderful,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning. “It is written by two people who are very smart & know me well, George Sorial & Damian Bates, as opposed to all the books where the author has no clue who I am. ENJOY!”

According to the blurb, the book seeks to recast Trump as a shrewd, hard-working, and calculating operator, pushing back on his reputation in the media as ill-informed, undisciplined, vain and bad-tempered.

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Sorial was until recently executive vice president and chief compliance officer at The Trump Organization, where he worked since 2007 and represented Trump in his controversy-hit bid to build a golf resort in Aberdeen, Scotland. He announced in April that he would step down.

Bates was editor of Aberdeen’s Press & Journal newspaper during the period in which Trump was trying to gain approval for his golf course from local authorities against fierce opposition from the community, who had environmental concerns. He now works in lobbying.

“In this book we see a man barely recognizable from the media’s depiction. We see the deliberate and cunning reasons he scolds people, gets impatient with complicated briefings, hires neophytes, and starts fights in the media,” the blurb states.

“We also see a boss who was hard-working, fun, well read, generous with opportunities, and endlessly interested in outside opinions.

“The mainstream media has tried to undermine the president at every turn by spreading lies about his management abilities, his negotiation style, and his business success.

“Now, in The Real Deal, George A. Sorial and Damian Bates explain how Trump’s unusual style worked so well for decades—and how it’s working better in the White House than anyone realizes.”

Among recent books to cause trouble for the Trump White House is Michael Wolff’s second covering the administration, Siege. Wolff’s first book Fire and Fury was heavily criticized for inaccuracies, and his second is facing similar opprobrium.

But it has also generated many headlines with its claims and revelations, including that Trump’s former senior adviser and campaign chairman Steve Bannon said his old boss ran a “criminal enterprise” and that he is “just another scumbag.”

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